Welcome to the Sensory Evaluation Center!

When you think of sensory testing, what first comes to mind? Is it tasting food products, testing in the booths, and answering questionaires? Or perhaps evaluating concepts, listening to focus groups, or the ever-popular triangle test? Whatever it may be, the Sensory Evauation Center at The Ohio State University is your one-stop shop for sensory and consumer testing needs. 

We want to take your ordinary experience with sensory and consumer testing and enhance it by:

  • Understanding your individual needs and tailoring specific experimental designs to meet them

  • Providing access to new approaches being pioneered in our research program

  • Making actionable recommendations to help with difficult go/no-go decisions and milestones 

  • And above all else, being customer-centric to make your experience with us a positive one


  •   To learn more about what our program has to offer, click here or through the tabs at the top of the page.
  •   If you are interested in partcipating in testing, please visit the Signing Up tab or click here.      


  From recruitment to analysis and reporting, we are your "one-stop shop" for Sensory and Consumer testing needs!